Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updating and yet updating it again, and again


I wonder how bloggers (i mean 'real-hard-bloggers') manage to update their blog day after day, even more than 1 post per day. They have so many stories to tell about. Every single thing that happens in life must be post to the blog? I don't know, maybe for them blog is a medium to express their feelings, to interact with. Their life must be wonderful. But me? My last post was last year, 2009. And it's all about picture i captured. No stories. Haha funny right?

There's a thing i want to learn; how blogger can have so many ideas telling their stories through blog. Hey bloggers, I don't have any story to tell, if any, I don't know HOW to tell!

Hmmmphhhh -.-


  1. gila kentang baru naek sikit ranking kaw kat blog list aku hahaha

  2. hahaha aku mana tau tulis2 benda ni suma. ajar aku ! hahaha