Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bang day!

Tomorrow it is, Business Communication paper.

I didn't study at all, and there comes my final exam. Huh, honestly I really don't like this subject; neither because of the study, nor the lecturer (emm, maybe). It's because of the subject is a reading subject. I hate that. I hate reading. Why we must read a thick book since our brain is so small? Hehe nonsense. But truly I am hate reading. I don't know since I was a kid I really hate reading (though I told my primary school teacher that my hobby is reading story books. I lied. Sorry teacher).

But I have to read at least I can pass it. Huhh read till morning I guess, since I don't know anything about this subject. Sigh - What I learned all this time? No answers.

By the way, I hope there's someone will find out a way to success in an exam without studying. Huhu I hope so.

Night folks!

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